It only takes a few minutes to get your first route built with Circuit, and a few seconds more to have it optimized into the best possible order.

Step 1: Adding your stops

• One the mainscreen of Circuit, tap the Edit button. That will allow you to add all your stops.

• Type in the address you're looking to add, and Circuit will provide auto-completed suggestions. Choose the correct address.

• Repeat the above step until you've added every stop you need to visit.

• For the best routes, make sure to add your start and end location, as seen above.

• Tap DONE' in the top-right to once you've added all your stops.

Step 2: Optimize your route

Circuit will now display a "Optimize route" button in the bottom right of the screen. Tapping this will instruct Circuit to begin calculating the most efficient route.

Step 3: Understand your optimized route

Circuit has now produced the optimum route for your deliveries. 

If you didn't set a start and end location, Circuit uses your current location instead.

Step 4: Navigation from stop to stop

Your first stop is automatically highlighted. You'll see two buttons: Navigate and Done. 

Tapping Navigate will start driving directions to your first stop.

For the best navigation, Circuit uses your preferred navigation app. By default this is Google Maps, but you can change it to the any app you like.

As you finish stops, mark them as Done, and start navigation to the next stop until you've finished your route.

Congrats, that's all you need to know to get started with Circuit. Give it a go!


Continue reading to discover more. Time windows, priorities,  spreadsheets, and more you can do with Circuit. 

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