If you need a fast, powerful and easy to use assistant for your deliveries, Circuit is definitely your best option.

We generally take things one steps further than the competition. Here's a quick overview of what you get for your cash.

10x better search

Waste less time adding your stops. Circuit's address search uses your location and previously used addresses to give you autocomplete results that are both faster and more accurate than our competitors'.

More efficient optimization

Circuit uses the latest technology in route optimization, making sure all your routes will have the shortest possible time or distance - no matter where you are in the world.

Traffic aware optimization

Circuit's optimization takes into account expected traffic at certain times of day. It will automatically avoid city centers and busy roads during peak hours to speed up your route. 

Easy to use interface

Circuit's interface is continuously evolving based on user feedback. It helps you achieve any task as quickly as possible, and gets out of your way the rest of the time so you can focus on your route.

Notification for quick info and actions

No more switching between apps at every stop. Save time by seeing delivery details or navigating to your next step from the lock screen or your preferred navigation app.

Share routes with coworkers

Circuit allows you send a copy of your completed (or brand new) route to a coworker or your boss. No need to manually write down which stops didn't get done.

One size fits all

Optimize up to 200 stops per route, with zero limitations on the amount of searches you can make each day.

Pickup -> dropoff support

Need to pick something off and drop it off elsewhere? Circuit can optimize around this limitation automatically.

Estimated arrival times

Want to let your customers know what time you're arriving? Circuit provides estimated arrival times for every stops that automatically update as you progress through your route.


Have any issues or questions? We're always here to help, just reach out in settings.

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