To make sure Circuit can read your file, it has to be structured the right way. 

A correctly formatted spreadsheet looks like this: 

Get the example spreadsheet here


✅  Use a supported format: CSV, TSV, XLS, XLSX, GPX
✅  The first row is used as header
✅  The header row uses the right labels*
✅  The spreadsheet only contains your stops, not of the whole team
✅  The information is split up into different columns
✅  Double check the spelling of the header row and addresses
✅  Include any extra information you need as a separate column


🚫  Photographs or PDFs of your route
🚫  Spreadsheets with multiple sheets
🚫  Empty rows between the header row and first address
🚫  Images inside the spreadsheets
🚫  Merge cells vertically

*Recommended labels: “Address Line 1”, “Address Line 2”, “City”, “State”, “Postal Code”

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