After creating your team, the next step is to add your team members. You can do so by adding their email address or phone number.

We currently recommend using their email addresses, so if you're having issues with phone numbers, switching to emails should the first thing you try.

Installing the mobile app

Once you've invited your drivers via email, the next step is to have them install the Circuit for Teams driver app.

Once invited, we'll send them an email that contains login details (an email address and password), and a link to install the Circuit for Teams app.

They can then login using the provided credentials.


If the driver app isn't properly connecting to the team, try the following:

1.) Double check the driver has installed the "Circuit for Teams" app, not the standard "Circuit" app.

2.) If you driver is recieving an error saying they're not part of a team, get them to send you a screenshot and double check for typo's in the email address.

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