On the Circuit main screen, select 'Import from spreadsheet'.

You'll be presented with a series of screens that guide you through the process of importing your spreadsheet:

You can drag your spreadsheet into this window, or click 'Upload data from file' to browse for the file on your PC.

Circuit will ask if if the top row contains your column names. If this is the case, select Yes. If this is not the case, please refer to the article on preparing your spreadsheet.

On the next page, Circuit will ask you to make sure each of the columns is mapped/matched correctly. Circuit will ask if it has understood the column names correctly. Please make sure you click 'Confirm mapping' for every column that it is relevant to. If you have imported any data which is not required to create the route, you can click 'Ignore this column'.

Circuit will make sure that the mapping is remember each time you import a spreadsheet as long as the format does not change.

If there's any issues with the file, you can fix it here. Once everything looks correct, click continue to finish importing the spreadsheet.

You'll now see all the stops next to the map. From here you can add drivers and create their routes

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