To calculate accurate ETAs, Circuit also needs to take into account how long the average service time is for any stop. While you can't predict how long any specific stop will take, we strongly recommend setting a representative average for your team.

If you notice ETAs are correct at the beginning of the routes, but get progressively worse as the route goes on, this could be related to your default Stop Duration not being right.

  • if your ETAs are too late, try increasing the Stop Duration

  • if your ETAs are too early, try decreasing the Stop Duration

Setting a default Stop Duration

From the Circuit web app main screen, tap the settings icon and select 'Route setup'. On this page you will be able to change the 'Average stop duration'

Find out how long your drivers actually take on average to complete a stop and enter it in the input field shown above.

Make sure to enter the time in minutes and seconds. For example, if an average stop would take half an hour for your business, you would enter '30' into the 'Minutes' field.

ℹ️ If you know any specific stops will have a Stop Duration very different from the team average, you can set a custom Stop Duration for that specific stop while creating your route.

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