There are a few reasons you might see a double charge from Circuit:

1. Hold not properly handled by your bank

If you've recently subscribed to Circuit, a double charge might be caused by a hold. Google and Apple place a hold on your account to see if there are sufficient funds. As soon as you finish your free trial and the first charge goes through, the hold is removed by Apple or Google. Unfortunately, some banks don't handle this properly. Instead, they show the hold as a charge and may take up to a month before showing the hold has been removed. If the hold isn't removed after 1 month, please let us know.

2. Your previous payment was late

If you were late with paying your subscription fee last month, Google or Apple can charge you twice, for last month and this month. A double charge might also occur if your subscription was automatically cancelled because Google/Apple couldn't take the payment and now you've restarted the subscription.

3. Multiple Google Play accounts

If you have more than 1 google play account, you might have accidentally started a subscription on a different google play account. To check if you have multiple accounts, go to the google play store and click your profile picture (top right) to see if you have any additional accounts. Now click the account and tap the ☰ Menu, choose 'Account' and tap 'Purchase history'. You'll see all subscriptions for that account now. If you have a subscription on both accounts, you can cancel one of them and apply for a refund.

4. Accidentally bought a subscription twice

If you've accidentally bought a Circuit subscription twice on an Apple device, Apple will automatically refund the double charge. You can check your Apple purchases here.

If you've accidentally bought a subscription twice or started 2 free trials on Google play, you can check that here. Please cancel one of them and apply for a refund.

5. Started a subscription on both Apple and Android

You might have started a subscription on both an Android and an Apple device. You can check that here for Apple and here for Android. Please cancel the account you don't want to use anymore and apply for a refund here.

6. Other

If none of the above helps, you can also dispute all charges from Circuit to your bank. If you wait for 1 month, all charges from Circuit will be cancelled and now you can safely start a new subscription. If that doesn't help either, please send us a screenshot of all charges, let us know which devices and email addresses you use in a message [email protected].

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