It only takes a few minutes to get your first route built with Circuit, and a few seconds more to have it optimized into the best possible order.

Step 1: Add your stops

• Tap the 'Edit' button (the grey pencil) on the middle-right of the screen, this will take you to the 'Edit Route' section of the app.

• Type in the address you're looking to add, and Circuit will provide auto-completed suggestions. Choose the correct address.

• Repeat the above step until you've added every stop you need to visit.

• Tap 'DONE', in the top-right to finished editing the route.

Step 2: Optimize your route

• Circuit will now display a "OPTIMIZE" button in the bottom right of the screen. Tapping this will instruct Circuit to begin calculating the most efficient route.

• The button will temporarily change to "PREPARING" for up-to a minute whilst the route is optimized.

Step 3: Understand your optimized route

Circuit has now produced the optimum route for your deliveries. The route will start and end at the position you optimized from.

If want your route to start or end elsewhere, you can Set a start/end position for your route.

If you think the route looks wrong, don't worry it's definitely not! You can get more information about why it might look wrong here.

Step 4: Track your progress

The bottom right button will now have changed to "FIRST STOP". Tapping this button will automatically open your preferred navigation app to navigate you to your next stop.

To mark a stop as "Done", tap the row.

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