Tracking updates for recipients

Circuit can automatically notify your recipients - giving them peace of mind, and reducing your risk of failed deliveries. 

How does it work?

When your driver starts his route, recipients will receive an email letting them know what time the delivery is expected to happen. 

Delivery routes can change during the day, so we include a link to a tracking site. The estimated arrival time on the live page is continuously updated throughout the day, so your recipients will see an up-to-date estimate whenever they check.
When your driver gets close to the recipients, we send another email with an exact time, and optional delivery information your recipients might find useful.  Setting up

Recipient integration is free for users of the recipient plan. 

Circuit will use the recipients email address associated with the delivery. If there is no email address available, updates will not be sent. 

To get recipients contact info into Circuit, follow the instructions on how to import spreadsheets.

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