Understanding stop settings

How to use Priority, Time Window, and Stop Duration

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To make sure your route matches your delivery instructions, Circuit has a couple of options you can set up for any stop:

  • First/Auto/Last

  • Time Window

  • Stop Duration

First Auto Last

Use First/Auto/Last when a single or multiple stops absolutely have to be done at the beginning or end of your route

  • First: Stops marked as First will be placed at the start of the route

  • Auto: by default, all stops will be set to Auto. This means that Circuit will place them in the route wherever it's most efficient.

  • Last: Stops marked as Last will be placed at the end of the route

There is no min/max limit on the number of stops that can be marked as First/Last.

Time Windows

Use Time Windows when you need to be at a stop before, after or between specific time.

  • Arrive between Now and Anytime: The default setting. Circuit will place the stop in the route wherever it's more efficient

  • Arrive between 10AM and Anytime: In this example, Circuit will make sure you'll arrive at the stop any time after 10AM

  • Arrive between Now and 10AM: In this example, Circuit will make sure you'll arrive at the stop any time before 10AM

Stop Duration

To calculate accurate ETAs, Circuit needs to know how much time you'll spend at each stop. This is the amount of time between stopping your car for the delivery, and leaving again for the next delivery.

If you know a specific stop will take more or less time, you can use this option to add the correct duration.

You can change the default value in Circuit settings. Try doing this as accurately as possible. If it's off by even 1 or 2 minutes it can have a big impact on your ETAs.

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