How does billing work?

Each month, you will automatically be billed based on the amount of drivers you have in your team. The price per driver depends on your current plan.

Team members without driver roles won’t be billed. Any admins or dispatchers who don't double as drivers, will not affect your bill.

If it looks like you’re being billed too much, it's possible that:

  • some members of the team were wrongly added as drivers.

  • a driver who is no longer working for the company has not been removed from the team yet.

How to fix

  • For every team member that’s not a driver, double check their role and make sure 'Driver' is not selected.

  • If any drivers are no longer working for the company make sure to delete their account.

Once you’ve saved these changes, your billing will automatically change accordingly.

To keep your team active on Circuit for Teams there is a requirement to have a minimum of one active subscription at all times.

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