Circuit will take the vehicle type into account when calculating the routes. The standard vehicle type in Circuit is car, but we also offer routes for small trucks (van), bikes or long-haul trucks.

If you want to change your vehicle type:

  • open '☰ Menu'

  • Choose 'Settings' ⚙️

  • Click 'Vehicle type' and choose the option you prefer.

Vehicle type



Two wheeled bicycled pedaled by the rider.


Often used for food delivery, is able to ignore certain bollards, maximum speed of roughly 50km/h.

Car (default)

Small truck/Van

Small truck like a Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit or Iveco Daily. Approximate size: height=2.7m, width=2.3m, length=5.5m


Truck like a MAN or Mercedes-Benz Actros. Approximate size: height=3.7m, width=2.9m, length=12m

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