It's not possible to change the order of your stops manually. If you move stops manually, Circuit doesn't know why you want it that way, so it can't reoptimize around that.

If you need your stops to be in a specific order, we recommend setting stop restrictions like time windows, priorities, etc.

You can find some of the possibilities down below.

Adding your stops in the order you want

It's possible to add the stops in the order you need them and skip optimization. After adding your stops, instead of using the 'optimize button', you can tap the '⠇ button' and select 'Skip Optimization'.

Time Windows

You can use time windows to set when you want to arrive earliest, latest, or between a time range at a stop.


If you need to visit a stop first, you can priotiize it by marking it as 'ASAP'.

Make next stop

If you've already optimized your route and want Circuit to arrange some of the stops in another order:

  • In the list, tap the stop you want to visit first;

  • choose 'Make Next Stop';

  • Reoptimize your stops to get a new route OR skip optimization if you'd like to keep the current order of the stops;

  • This can be repeated for multiple stops.

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