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How to select your route, navigation, general, and subscription settings
How to select your route, navigation, general, and subscription settings

Customise your app settings

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How to customize your preferences:

  • Tap the main menu

  • At the top of the app screen, tap the settings icon

  • Here you can set custom route, navigation, general and subscription preferences

Route Preferences

Set an average time at stops

The default 'average time at stop' is set at 1 minute.

Set a custom 'average time at stop' for more accurate route timings

  • Tap > Average time at stop

  • Enter the time in minutes/seconds

  • Tap > Done

Specify a side of the road for stops

You can set a custom 'stop side' based on which side the doors are on your delivery vehicle. This means all your stops will be on that side of the road, and you won't need to cross busy roads.

The default setting is 'either side of the vehicle' as this produces the fastest routes.

  • Tap > Stop side

  • Select Yes if you can deliver to stops on either side of the vehicle

  • Select 'No only right side' or 'No only left side' if you want to set a custom stop side

Turn Package ID on/off

When you turn Package ID on, every stop you add to your route will be assigned a unique Package ID number, which will remain associated with that package even if you move or edit the stop.

How to use Package ID to find items in your vehicle:

  • Turn Package ID on

  • Add a stop

  • Write the Package ID number generated on the package

  • When you arrive at that stop, the Package ID will appear in the stop details

  • Look for the package with that number written on it in your vehicle

Navigation Preferences

Select a navigation app

Various navigation apps are compatible with Circuit, so you can use the one you prefer.

If you have a paid subscription to Circuit Route Planner, you can select Circuit Internal Navigation for the fastest routes.

  • Tap > Navigation app

  • Select the navigation app you wish to use

Avoid toll roads, highways, and ferries

If you have a paid subscription to Circuit Route Planner, you can specify settings to avoid toll roads, highways, and ferries on your route.

  • Tap > Tolls, highways, ferries

  • Select > Avoid tolls. Routes and navigation directions will avoid tolls

  • Select > Avoid highways/ferries. Route planning won't be affected, but navigation directions will differ from the optimized route to help you successfully avoid highways/ferries.

Turn navigation mode bubble on/off

If you have the free version of Circuit Route Planner, you will not be able to use Circuit's Internal Navigation so in order to avoid switching between Circuit and your navigation app, instead, you can use:

On Android the navigation bubble

  • Tap > Navigation mode bubble to on

On iOS the dynamic Island

  • Open your iOS device settings to enable Live Activities

  • Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode and enter your passcode

  • Set Live Activities to > On

  • Open Circuit Route Planner and start a route

  • Then minimize the app to go from full screen to dynamic island view

With these features enabled, Circuit Route Planner appears in the navigation bubble/dynamic island, and your chosen navigation app appears on your phone screen.

General preferences

Set distance unit

Select the distance unit you wish to use.

  • Tap > Distance unit

  • Select Miles or Kilometers

Set vehicle type

Choose your vehicle type to help Circuit plan routes that will work for you.

  • Tap > Vehicle type

  • Select from Bicycle, Scooter, Car, Van or Lorry

Set map type

You can choose from three different map styles.

The Default map type is a simplified road view, Sattelite provides a detailed photographic view and Hybrid is a combination of both styles.

  • Tap > Map type

  • Select Default, Satellite, or Hybrid

Set theme type

You can choose from light or dark mode to suit your visibility needs and driving conditions.

  • Tap > Theme

  • Select Light, Dark or Follow system

If you select Follow system Circuit will automatically switch between light and dark mode, following your phone screen as it adapts to different light conditions.


Cancel your subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time. After canceling, you'll have access to the app for the rest of your billing period, but you won't be billed again.

  • Tap > Cancel subscription

  • Confirm that you wish to unsubscribe

Licenses, Terms of use, and Privacy policy

  • Tap > For more info


The version of the app you are using is shown here.

Make sure you are using the latest version with all new features by turning on automatic updates.

Log out

  • Tap > to log out of the app

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