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Getting started with Circuit Route Planner
Getting started with Circuit Route Planner

Add stops, create your first route and start navigating in seconds

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Circuit Route Planner is so easy to use you can understand the basics in minutes.

Follow the three steps below to quickly learn how to add stops, create a route, and navigate.

Step 1.

How to create a route and add stops

  • Click > Create route

  • Select a date and name your route

  • Add all the stops you wish to make on that route

You can add stops in any order. Circuit Route Planner will automatically place stops in the best order when it optimizes your route.

Add stops to your route by searching, speaking, or scanning

  • Tap the search bar and type in the stop address

  • Tap the viewfinder icon and scan a stop address with your phone camera

  • Tap the microphone icon and speak the stop address into your phone

Using the free version of Circuit Route Planner you are limited to 10 stops per route.

To begin a free trial of Circuit Route Planner Premium with unlimited features simply create a route with more than 10 stops and you will see the option to subscribe.

Optimize your route

  • When all the stops are added to your route click > Optimize

  • The fastest most efficient route will now be automatically mapped for you!

Step 2.

How to set a start and end location for your route

  • Click on the start location on the map or stop list to edit it

  • Add a route start location address and start time

  • Add a route end location address and end time

We recommend selecting Roundtrip if you are a courier as this will make your start and end location the same place. If you don't set a start or end location your current location will be used instead.

Adding a start and end time will also help Circuit Route Planner take expected traffic into account when optimizing routes.

Step 3.

How to navigate from stop to stop

  • To begin your route tap > Start

  • Your first stop will be highlighted

  • Click > Navigate to begin route navigation

  • Google Maps is the default option but you can change this in > Settings

  • When you arrive at the stop, switch back to Circuit, mark the stop as Delivered/Failed

  • Repeat this process for each stop until you complete your route

Circuit Route Planner Premium users have access to in-app navigation, which lets them follow their route and mark off deliveries all in the same app!

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